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Buying a home in Sandpoint, Idaho? Remodeling an existing home? Did you know a SLIP Inspection is required? Do you know what a SLIP Inspection is? It’s ok, most people do not. That is what Turner Plumbing is for!

Like many cities, homeowners in the City of Sandpoint must properly maintain the sewer lateral, or sewer pipe, that runs from their house or building to the city’s sewer line. That pipe is called the Sewer Lateral – the “SL” in SLIP.  

Not buying a home?

You may still need a Slip Inspection If:

What is a SLIP Inspection?

Quick recap: The “SL” in “SLIP stands for Sewer Lateral – the line that runs from your house or building to the City of Sandpoint’s sewer line. 

Well, the pipe and the “wye”, or connecting fitting, make up the entire line that attaches to the City sewer pipe. You as the property owner are responsible for both. 

Now that you know the full definition of “SL”, we can talk about the “IP”. By the way, feel free to enlighten your friends at the next party by sharing about “Slip” and “Wye”…they are sure to be impressed (LOL!). 

So, before you buy that house in Sandpoint, to live in or as a vacation home or rental, start a remodeling job on an existing house or building, or try ato sell a building, you will need to have a plumber come in to inspect the Sewer Lateral connection – this is the “IP”, or Inspection. 

Here is part of the City of Sandpoint Building requirements: 


… sewer lateral improvement program (City Code 7-7-41. This program was created by ordinance to repair or replace deteriorating private sewer laterals from your property to the sewer main to reduce the amount of groundwater and rainwater (inflow and infiltration) that enters through damaged pipes. This groundwater entering the sewer mains has become a significant issue during the wet season, making it harder and more costly to treat the sewage, ultimately increasing cost to taxpayers by requiring treatment plant capacity increases.

So What Do You Do Now?

The City of Sandpoint makes this suggestion: 

“The first step is to hire a plumber to come and perform a video inspection of your sewer lateral. They will do this by running a small camera down your cleanout or toilet to make a video of the interior of your pipes. After taking the video, the plumber must contact Bruce Robertson at to convey the video to him. The Public Works Department will review the video and rate the condition of your lateral based on several criteria.”

Call Turner Plumbing For Your SLIP Insepction

Consider calling us to schedule an appointment. We can take care of the SLIP inspection, allowing you to focus on buying a new home, remodeling an existing home or building. 

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